Retrospec cricket infant walker stability bike with 4 wheels

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  • retrospec cricket is designed for infants a while 12-24 months of age to increase the motor talents wanted to stroll and sooner or later experience!
  • strong, cozy, and secure. Cricket’s design guarantees your infant’s ft are continually touching the ground so they live on top of things in their velocity, preventing, and movement.
  • its non-slip, no-scratch wheels prevent scratched floors and provide a cozy grip each indoors and outdoors.
  • gentle handlebars, a soft seat, and a guidance restrict hold your baby safe, cozy, and on top of things the entire time.
  • meeting commands covered. Cricket comes 95% assembled straight out of the box.
  • max rider weight: 44lbs / 20kgs
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retrospec cricket walker stability bike

meet cricket! Retrospec’s most modern addition to stability motorcycles facilitates budding cyclists a while 12-24 months ease their manner into -wheeled driving.

smooth, no-scratch wheels and rounded additives preserve your little rider secure and your floors scratch-unfastened. As their motor skills expand, cricket enables babies seamlessly transition to a “huge-youngster” bike, no education wheels required.

meets or exceeds all standards of safety for cpsc/cpsia cfr sixteen:1512.

cautious and constant person supervision is needed whilst riding this motorbike. Continually put on a helmet.

  • designed for infants ages 12-24 months
  • helps infants expand motor skils wished to stroll and sooner or later journey!
  • robust, at ease, and safe.
  • cricket’s design ensures your baby’s feet are constantly touching the ground.
  • children live on top of things in their velocity, stopping, and movement.
  • non-slip, no-scratch wheels and a relaxed grip for each indoor/outdoor use.
  • tender handlebars, soft seat, and guidance limiter.
  • assembly instructions protected! Cricket comes 95% assembled straight out of the container.
  • no pedals? Wait, what?

    even before their first steps, cricket can assist your little grom increase the abilties they need to walk, experience, and go-move-cross! Your infant already thinks they personal the place, cricket allows to manipulate their velocity, stopping, and motion, keeping their feet constantly in touch with the ground.


    tiny additives don’t limit the durability of our stability motorbike. The cub’s smooth-to-climb frame is created from light-weight high-tensile metallic and functions a miniature town consolation saddle for clean riding (and balancing!). Airless, durable tires make for a safer, no-pop trip and reliable grip on the sidewalk.

    safety take a look at

    with no pedals, youngsters scoot themselves along, constantly balancing on their feet.

    youngsters feel on top of things in their trip, proscribing the opportunity of rushing faster than their consolation sector and getting hurt.

    as their motor talents broaden, cricket enables infants seamlessly transition to a “large-youngster” bike, no schooling wheels required.

    cricket calls for minimum meeting and basically no upkeep. Cricket would not require brakes, pedals, gears, or even air within the tires! No renovation way extra time spent driving.


    at retrospec, our ethics are rooted inside the earth. We are passionate advocates for greater accountable and vigilant efforts to enhance the fitness of our planet. Fueled via a small but potent group of innovators, we thoughtfully design and expand advanced, yet less costly products for lifestyles apart from the nine-5. However price is merely a byproduct of our integrity, now not the usual by means of which we measure achievement.

    retrospec turned into born from a ardour for biking. Our constant equipment bicycles became a symbol for our dedication to the outside and pledge to less costly and green methods of transportation. Considering the fact that then, we’ve created loads of products that assist you gain one aim: taking maintain of the outdoors. We’ve got proudly created a space wherein our assignment can flourish, acquire, and overcome the unknown.

    product description

    meet cricket! Retrospec’s latest addition to stability motorcycles helps budding cyclists a long time 12-24 months ease their manner into two-wheeled using. Even earlier than their first steps, cricket can help your little grom broaden the talents they want to stroll, journey, and cross-go-pass! Your little one already thinks they personal the location, cricket enables to control their velocity, preventing, and movement, keeping their ft constantly in touch with the ground. Tender, no-scratch wheels and rounded additives preserve your little rider safe and your floors scratch-loose. As their motor abilities broaden, cricket helps babies seamlessly transition to a “big-youngster” motorcycle, no education wheels required.


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    8 reviews for Retrospec cricket infant walker stability bike with 4 wheels

    1. master card

      I bought this for my 18 month old grandson and I totally regret it. This is so unstable. He feel off hitting a small bump and split his chin open. I do not recommend this at all Read more

    2. J&K

      Super cute colors. Our 12 month old daughter hasn’t gotten the hang of this yet but the bike is a great size for her. We’ve unfortunately had to take this out of the playroom for now because she keeps biting the handle bars and has already taken a chunk out of them. This is a major choking hazard! Other reviews mention this so I’m quite surprised the handle bar material hasn’t been changed to something that won’t fall off in chunks when kids bite them. Lots of babies bite and chew things! I’m looking for some type of covering I can put over the handle bars that she won’t be able to bite through so she can play with this safely. Until then this thing is not safe. Read more

    3. Jennifer Doyle

      My baby was only 10 months when I got this bike for her. She’s a super fast crawler but doesn’t stand on her own or walk but this little bike is her ticket to freedom. It took her less than a minute to be moving forward. She zooms around the house and uses it to get to things she wants. When she has to stop riding she almost always cries, she loves it that much. She has no steering skills which is probably good for us! I hold the handles and steer for her now. I don’t know how long she can ride it because it’s small but she should be good until a regular strider bike fits! Read more

    4. A.H.

      Absolutely adorable! And just the right size for a toddler who is learning about wheels, balance, steering and gravity. Some reviewers say it is too small, but it is a bit taller then those ride on cars that kids enjoy so much and still ride them even if their knees seem to touch their ears when sitting on them lol… and that is what this bike is, a mix between a ride on toy and a balance bike…If you get anything bigger, it might „last longer“ but they might not use it for quite a while because they will be scared, it’s better for Kids sense of accomplishment if you give them a bike they will have positive experiences and not many frustrations. So this one is perfect for about 12 months till they are ready for the next step balance bike (even though they might keep coming back to this one!) It would be super cool if both, seat and handlebar would be adjustable… but even without that feature, this will be used for a while, even though our 15 month old baby boy is tall. The 8 year old sat on it btw. (Knees at his ears lol) and zoomed through the house to show his brother how it’s done. Very sturdy. Get it 🙂 Read more

    5. WillE

      Love this! We had a different kind of balance bike and my 16 month old was about 2 inches too short but wanted to ride it so we got this and she loves it! Very light weight, she can pick it up. Easy to put together. Seems very well made. It is very small but perfect for the short time she will need it and a good starter for active young toddlers! Read more

    6. cbarraco

      I’m so bummed, I purchased this item as a gift for a friends 1 year birthday. The item was defective, the back wheel doesn’t spin. So she had to go out of her way to ship it back. I also requested a replacement, they neevr replaced it. A month later I had to call to ask what happened and ask for my refund. What a MESS! And the sad part is this was sold through amazon not a 3rd party. Read more

    7. Darvillamarvil

      Bought this for my son when he was about 1 year and 3 months old. It’s now 3 months later and he still really loves it. It is quite small, but that makes it very easy for a little one to scoot around on. He has toppled over a few times in it, but overall it’s pretty durable and sturdy. Read more

    8. pattie earl

      This was way too small for my 16 month old, she is not large and is in 40th percentile. Had to return Read more

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