Razor riprider 360 caster trike

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  • ensure this fits by using coming into your version number.
  • 360 levels of remaining spinning motion!
  • twin willing casters permit resistance-free drifting and spinning motion
  • features mx-fashion handlebar with rubber grips, double crown fork layout, and welded metal frame and fork
  • hello-impact, front wheel with flat-free tire
  • rugged steel production for infinite play!
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razor riprider 360 caster trike

reinvented classic: sure, it has a massive wheel and pedals, but that’s in which the similarities stop. This is not a trike for tikes, it’s the following evolution in ordinary a laugh. Just like the traditional 3-wheeler of the 1970s, the riprider 360 rides low-to-the-ground.

drifting and spinning motion: with the riprider 360, our radical engineers have reinvented formative years, adding two caster wheels inside the lower back for resistance-free drifting and spinning.

sweet capabilities

capabilities mx-style handlebar with rubber grips, double crown fork design, and welded steel frame and fork. The use of new era, it permits kids to carry out ill hints, like drifting and 360-degree turns.


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8 reviews for Razor riprider 360 caster trike

  1. Stacy Ruth Dow

    Has poor stability. Within one day of owning it, three kids (ages 5, 6, and 8) got injured on it. One badly enough to warrant a trip to the ER. It tips very easily, it can trap kids under it when it tips, it has ZERO breaks, when you pedal, even slowly, the back casters slide sideways rendering the front steering useless, accelerating the trike, with no way to break. So, you spin out. Which is fun, but can and does very easily lead to tipping and trapping/injuring. I’m very surprised that these are still on the market and I expect they’ll be recalled at some point. VERY high risk activity. If my daughter wasn’t wearing a helmet, one of her wipe outs definitely would have landed us in the ER, as the trike hit a crack in the road and she was slowly drifting backwards out of a spin, it toppled over so that the seat was flush with the concrete, while she was still in it. Her back and head landed on the concrete while she was still sitting in the trike. So, they’re definitely going back. Hell nope. Read more

  2. PrimeShoppers

    Easy to assemble and durable like razor scooters. This is definitely a toy to spin and screw around on. It’s not like a big wheel where your kid can go around the block with your or follow the bigger kids on bikes. The back wheels always spin and even when trying to go straight the tail end swings around. They will have fun, but only as long as they like spinning out as they won’t have fun trying to get from point A to point B on it. Read more

  3. teachergrammy

    Great fun for the grandkids! Added bonus, they were easy enough to assemble that my 9 and 10 year old grandsons put them together themselves with minimal help from me, including reading the directions, so we got a free STEM activity too. Took them about an hour, would probably take an adult 20-30 minutes. They LOVE riding the finished trikes! Read more

  4. FamilyOf4

    The neighborhood boys all have one of these. They’re a very popular toy and all the kids want to ride them. We bought our son one for his 7th birthday and he was so exited to have his own. He can reach the pedals just fine. My almost 5 year old likes to ride it too and just barely reaches the pedals. My husband decided to take the razor apart and paint it so we could easily tell which one belonged to our son since so many kids already had them. The green and blue look great! Read more

  5. BamaJess

    I purchased this bike for my daughter for Christmas after she rode one that belong to a neighbor. This is a super fun bike (yes, as an adult female who is 5’4″, I have driven this bicycle a few times. :-). It rides super smooth and spins fast. The position low to the ground makes it stable enough it will not tip over. My 3 year old is a little to short to drive it yet, but my 5 year old daughter rides this daily and all the neighborhood kids beg to ride it as well. I will be purchasing a second one for my son as soon as he is tall enough to reach the pedals. Read more

  6. Writer

    My preschool grandsons love this bike. I should have bought two, so they could each have one. They love spinning around. It took a little time for them to learn how to control it and go straight but now they ride it well. I highly recommend this bike. Seems to be well made with durable materials. It gets left outside in all kinds of weather, since I have no place to keep it except by my front door. Was easy to assemble, I did it myself, and I am a grandma who is NOT prone to handy work. You will not regret purchasing one, unless you have two or more boys who will want to ride it, then you better get one for each!! Read more

  7. dcn312

    We got this trike in 2013! I am now writing a review in 2019. We have had 3 kids use it and have moved internationally twice and they still seem to find it fun! Read more

  8. M. Howard

    I purchased this product for my son and he as really enjoyed it. He plays with it several times a week. Since the back wheels spin independently, when you stop or slow down the trike is sent into a spin. You need a clear street or parking lot for your kids to play safely. Part of the fun of the trike is spinning and wiping around, but precision stopping can be difficult. Make sure to stay clear of parked cars, light posts, stop signs. And always have them wear a helmet. Pros: – Full for all kid ages (You need to be about 42 inches tall to sit comfortably and still reach the pedals). – Great exercise. Kids are constantly pedaling. leaning, and turning. – Very sturdy frame – After several (6 months) of constant abuse, it is still going strong. Cons: The only real reason that stopped me from giving this product a 5 star rating was several parts are made out of plastic and get scratched or bent. The seat already has some plastic fatigue. (Where the plastic starts to be lighter than the rest of the seat. It is usually caused by plastic bending back and forth.) The back wheels have a plastic cover on them that get tore up pretty quickly if you run into a curb. All in all, this was a great purchase. Read more

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