Razor a kick scooter for kids – light-weight, foldable, aluminum frame, and adjustable handlebars

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  • top first-rate aluminum construction of the razor a kick scooter is lightweight yet long lasting
  • features our unique folding mechanism for quick and easy convey, delivery and storage between rides
  • smooth-alter handlebars may be set to the suitable trip height
  • additional capabilities consist of rear-fender brake and urethane wheels
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from the manufacturer

the authentic and nevertheless the quality, our iconic razor a kick scooter has set the same old for fun since it launched a worldwide phenomenon in 2000. Nevertheless one of the maximum favored and pointed out rides, our flagship scooter combines skip-down first-class with a undying layout that by no means goes out of style. Ready to experience right out of the container, and available in an expansion of colours, the light-weight razor a kick scooter capabilities an aluminum deck, unique folding mechanism and urethane wheels to make it the right trip for children on-the-pass.

from day one, the razor a kick scooter has been constructed to ultimate the use of lightweight, but long lasting aluminum construction.

spread and move – it’s that smooth with the razor a kick scooter. With no assembly required, and clean-alter handlebars to set the best journey top, the razor a kick scooter is prepared for its first journey as soon as you’re.

uncompromised best

the razor a kick scooter offers the best, safety, carrier, and style you’ve come to assume from razor. Whilst there are numerous merchandise accessible, pick out razor, a emblem the usa is aware of and trusts. Take delivery of no imitations.

this razor product is produced on the market in the usa and canada. Razor merchandise produced for and sold in worldwide channels are warranted as applicable in such foreign countries. Contact razor for greater details concerning razor products that require provider, have been purchased inside the u. S. A. Or canada, and at the moment are out of doors america or canada. On these merchandise, which require provider, consumers are answerable for all prices inclusive of transport, resulting taxes, responsibilities of replacement parts and nearby strength adapters on the proprietor’s rate.

product description

the authentic and nonetheless the nice, the modern razor a kick scooter has set the same old for fun given that its launch in 2000. Combining skip-down nice with undying style, our worldwide icon continues to be one of the maximum desired rides for youngsters, co-eds and celebrities. Prepared to trip right out of the container, and available in a variety of colors, the light-weight razor a kick scooter capabilities an aluminum deck, unique folding mechanism and urethane wheels to make it the perfect trip for youngsters on-the-move.


Frustration Free Packaging, Standard Packaging


Blue, Clear/Black, Green, Pink, Red, Special Edition Dino Camo, Special Edition Holographic, Sweet Pea


A (Standard), A W (Wheelie Bar)

8 reviews for Razor a kick scooter for kids – light-weight, foldable, aluminum frame, and adjustable handlebars

  1. Johnny

    This thing is tough. I got this for my 4 year old for Christmas. She really wanted it but has not idea how to ride it. Just to give you an idea of how strong it is, I am 6’2 240lbs and I rode it down hill on a bumpy concrete path at like 20 mph and jumped a speed bump at the bottom. My feet barely fit on it and I looked really strange riding a pink scooter but I am impressed with the build quality. I will more than likely get another one for my other daughter. I hope you found my review helpful if so please click the helpful button below. Thanks Read more

  2. M Clouse

    My daughter loves it! She’s 10. My 13 year old son however doesn’t care for it much. They both agree it’s a nice scooter and a smooth ride. The only problem my son had is that the handle bar was to low. He’s currently about 5′ 4″. So I will have to be exchanging his for a taller one. Hope this process isn’t about to be a hassle. Ugh. I will update this review if i run into an issue. Wish me luck. Hope this review helps you in your decision making process. Read more

  3. Kim S

    First off, I’m a 29 year old 4’11” 125 lb woman. I use to this to get to my shuttle stop in the morning and back home at night. Sometimes I feel like I’m right at the cusp of the weight limit but it still treks on. Not much has changed with the design in the last 20 ish years. Everyone says it’s so cute that I ride the scooter. I live in a city and there are definitely cracks in the side walk where if I hit it at a slow enough speed, I’d eat pavement. So kids should be very careful. These wheels are made for smooth surfaces and could not take the impact of large cracks. It’s a bumpy ride. Read more

  4. AKumar

    I am writing this review after using this scooter for more than 1 year. This is one of the best 2 wheel scooter so far. – It’s super strong. My kid had fallen lot of times while riding but no scratches/damages to the scooter so far. – This can be used by both girl/boy. Our plan is to keep it safe for my younger one once it’s used by my daughter. – Easy to fold, light weight and easy to carry any place – The quality of the materials are very good (specially the wheels). – It’s very good product for birthday gift. Read more

  5. Wade

    This scooter seems very well built and has great features but the rear wheel has disintegrated in only 2 days of use. Actual ride time only about an hour. I have contacted amazon. Hopefully I just got a dud wheel and there not all like this. I will change my rating if the problem is resolved. Update Amazon took care of the problem and aside from a dud wheel this scooter is very well built. I am 6ft tall and almost 200 lbs and have been riding it with my daughter and if it can handle me a child shouldn’t be able to hurt it no matter what they do. Read more

  6. Noel M.

    The price was lower than I would have ever expected and my daughter loves it. She’s almost six. It’s pink…what’s not to like? I can also absolutely confirm that this scooter does not work well for a 5′ 6″ tall, 140lb woman. Even going slow. Which reminds me, check out my review of Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, Extra Large Tough Strips and SeflGrip First Aid Support Bandage. Good stuff. Read more

  7. NHP

    These are so much better than the scooters my children grew up with – because they fold!! Brilliant concept. This seems to be holding up well, but it’s mostly been used indoors thus far. We won’t know until the weather warms how the wheels hold up to roads. Read more

  8. innerrafocus

    Received the Razor scooter and noticed that the handlebar was slightly off alignment with the wheel. As I grabbed my allen wrench to fix this, I noticed the steering clamp hex bolt was a little rounded with splinters (possibly due to SAE allen wrench used instead of a metric). Then I noticed that the upper nut for the steering column (below the steering clamp) had grip markings as well. I feel like this may have been a possible return as someone tried to fix it. Nevertheless, I won’t return it since my daughter would notice its gone and I also aligned the steering column. Read more

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