Radio flyer deluxe steer & stroll trike

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  • make sure this suits through coming into your model range.
  • 2 trikes in 1: this flexible tricycle gives two methods to experience: pedals lock to emerge as foot rests for your infant whilst you steer; pedals unencumber and parent push handle gets rid of while your infant is ready to trip on their very own.
  • adjustable seat: the seat adjusts to three extraordinary settings, ensuring years of fun as the trike grows with your toddler
  • garage: ready with a protected rear storage bin, your toddler can deliver their preferred toys on each adventure!
  • specs: assembled dimensions are 27“ l x 19. 7“ w x 24. 2” h. Advocated for kids a long time 2 – 5 years. Maximum weight potential 49 lbs
  • delight: all radio flyer merchandise include a one-year double your for free by way of registering your product without delay with radio flyer
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radio flyer began growing smiles and heat memories for children of all ages in 1917. These days we continue to be a chicago-based totally own family organisation dedicated to creating nice products that encourage adventures fueled by using laughter and pleasure. For over one hundred years, infinite voyages of adolescence fantasy have been launched with radio flyer toys. This legacy maintains to spark the imagination as radio flyer is rediscovered with each new era.

radio flyer deluxe steer and walk trike

  • 2 ways to experience- pedals act as footrests whilst discern steers or take away take care of for baby to experience by myself.
  • adjustable seat grows together with your child.
  • fun blanketed garage bin.
  • solid metallic frame and chrome bell.
  • durable molded wheels.
  • for two-5 years
  • capabilities

    take your child for a experience at the radio flyer deluxe steer & walk trike! This unique layout offers two ways to trip. Our modern pedal mechanism permits riders to relaxation their ft at the pedals and experience the trip while adults push and steer. The adjustable push cope with then removes for older youngsters who’re equipped to trip on their personal. The trike also functions durable molded wheels, an adjustable seat to develop with your child, and a stable metal frame. The amusing covered storage bin and chrome bell upload fun to the trip.

  • body: 27. 17″ x 19. Sixty nine” x 24. 21″
  • weight: 14. Fifty five lbs.
  • weight potential: 49 lbs.
  • product description

    product description

    take your infant for a ride at the radio flyer deluxe steer & walk trike! This specific design offers two approaches to trip. Our innovative pedal mechanism allows riders to rest their feet on the pedals and revel in the trip while adults push and steer. The adjustable push take care of then removes for older youngsters who’re equipped to experience on their own. The trike additionally features durable molded wheels, an adjustable seat to grow together with your baby, and a strong metallic body. The amusing protected garage bin and chrome bell upload amusing to the experience. Seat to pedal sixteen inches, sixteen. Five inches and 17 inches. Quiet trip tires

    from the producer

    take your infant for a trip at the radio flyer deluxe steer and stroll trike! This precise layout gives ways to trip. Our progressive pedal mechanism lets in riders to rest their ft at the pedals and experience the trip at the same time as adults push and steer. The adjustable push hangel then removes for older children who are equipped to trip on their personal.


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    5 reviews for Radio flyer deluxe steer & stroll trike

    1. S. Horton

      Great first tricycle! The best part of this trike is the adult-sized steering handle up top. Before researching which trike to buy my little cherub, I saw multiple, hunched-over, forlorn parents waddling behind their toddler offspring, pushing the kiddos down the street because their little legs got tired. But with the Steer and Stroll Trike – no hunching in anger for me. I would simply steer my little turtle dove down the street when she refused to pedal. Which was often. Also, the compartment in back was perfect for temporarily dumping my dog’s used poo baggies. Yeah, don’t forget to empty that thing – super gross … I may or may not know from experience. Read more

    2. Richard

      Whoever designed this thing and planned its in-home assembly should be fired, then rehired, just so they can be fired a second time. The assembly plan is devoid of any real world knowledge or experience of the types of things the consumer is going to have to do to get this thing assembled. For example: You’ll want to have a low chair, with removable cushion that allows you to rest the main frame 90 degrees off-axis in order to hold the frame in place to assemble the rear axle. You’ll also need a counter force to place against one side of the axle while you (inexplicably) hammer a washer (a washer!) with a cap on the other side of the axle. You’ll then need a flathead screw driver, or pliers and someone with sufficient forearm strength, to remove the washer you just hammered on when you get to the next instruction and realize the wheel assembly is directional and you probably put it on the wrong way. Fear not, they actually include an extra washer and cap to address this very scenario. Yep, they give you extra parts because they know you are likely going to screw this up and, rather than rethinking the instructions or re-designing the toy, they took the easy route and just threw in some spare parts. And don’t rely on the product photography for guidance on how to assemble this because, yep, they installed the rear wheels incorrectly too. That’s just a peek at the insanity of assembling this. Once assembled, however, it seems solid. Read more

    3. Fraggle

      My 20 month old LOVES this bike. There’s no way to strap him in and there are no brakes other than him putting his feet down. I had to give it a lower rating simply because of all the plastic. It’s very loud even on smooth pavement or concrete and the pieces are already shaking loose. If buying this product has taught me anything it’s to go back to metal and rubber. This bike would be great indoors on wood floor or tile. Doesn’t seem to be able to handle the outdoors well. Read more

    4. MMason

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. ***UPDATED*** RadioFlyer reached out and their customer service alone made me decide to up my stars. They replaced and sent over a few of the parts that were damaged or did not work the first time and I was able to get my son’s trike up and running properly. While I still feel like the trike was a pain to assemble (I will probably never do it again), RadioFlyer’s customer service is probably one of the best I’ve experienced and would recommend their products (if you’re willing to assemble!) because of that. ***OLD*** I know I should not give the actual product a one star based on my experience with assembly. But honestly, I’ve never been so disheartened in assembling something. Perhaps it was was just me, but this tricycle was really difficult to put together. Also, you need to be very careful in looking at the picture directions because it’s not very intuitive on how to put on the wheels. I didn’t realize I put the wheels on with the outside facing in until I hammered down the end cap to the pole that holds the wheels together (which was in itself a struggle.) When I finally pried it off to fix the wheels and hammered it back on, a piece of the inside of the tire fell out without me realizing it. Now the wheel wobbles because the inside piece of the tire is missing and I don’t have any extra end cap to redo the wheels again (the first cap got damaged while taking it off). Also – I thought it was just me, but the nut won’t screw on to the bolt all the way. After trying for about 40 minutes to get the chair tight, I took the nut and bolt out and attempted to screw it on to see if it was the angle I was screwing it in at or if it was the actual nut and bolt. It turns out I can’t get the nut to screw on any higher than the attached photo. Needless to say the chair jiggles A LOT. With the wheel and chair being so wobbly, I don’t think this tricycle is safe enough for my boy to ride. I’m so bummed by it all. While assembly may be user error, I guess I would’ve expected more from a brand like RadioFlyer. Read more

    5. Kellogg family

      Wish we could give more stars, but giving only 2 because of a few issues. First off, opening the box & assembling this item took more time & patience than we anticipated. The instructions could be a lot clearer especially in orientation/placement of the rear tires. Ours will forever be on wrong side out unfortunately since we caught the mistake only after they’d been secured in place. To remove & fix them would render the bike garbage. Is what it is… it still seems to roll okay. Wish we’d read the reviews before assembling it because it appears we aren’t alone with the rear tire issue. Second, no matter how we adjust or tighten the steering there continues to be a great amount of front tire “play” in it. Very annoying. Third, the tires are plastic and obviously will wear down quickly. Fourth, it makes a very LOUD clicking sound when the child riding it stops pedaling & coasts…maybe this doesn’t bother everyone but we’d rather have a quiet walk through our neighborhood pushing this thing…:but this is the feature for which we purchased this item. Would also be nice if there were a seat belt. 2 stars. Read more

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