Lascoota kick scooter for children – adjustable top w/more-huge deck pu flashing wheels exquisite kids scooter & infant scooter 3-12 years old

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  • clean experience: innovative three-wheeler toy made to extend motor competencies and imaginative capabilities of your adventurous toddler by taking a easy experience sitting or scooting
  • solid and balanced: 3-wheel, self-balancing scooter gives stability with the tilt-to-steer era made to help your infant develop stability and coordination without steering
  • light up wheels: turning mild-up wheels provide a twist of a laugh and exhilaration as your little one performs
  • multifunctional rider: removable, huge seat is adjustable with an improved, durable screw to make customized set up speedy
  • flexible modifications: handlebar with four peak adjustments comprises utilization for children as they get older
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product description

give your infant years of excitement and adventure as they learn to cruise with the lascoota kick scooter. Built to help develop and grow cognitive talents of your teen, this easy kick scooter constantly grows and demanding situations your baby. Start your toddler off sitting on the adjustable seat as they discover ways to stability and steer at the mini scooter. You could move the height of the chair to fit your infant’s wishes fast and easily. No more equipment wished. As they roll over difficult and bumpy surfaces, relaxation assured this self-balancing 3-wheeler scooter will offer your precious child extra balance. Once your toddler is off and riding with ease, take away the scooter’s seat and provide them a whole new scooting enjoy. With 4 top changes on the handlebar, increase and lower to suit your teenagers’s top. Ready with a grippy greater-wide deck and the tilt-to-steer technology, your child will quick choose up on balance and coordination. This kick scooter teaches your tot to tilt in the event that they want to show. With light-up turning wheels, your kids might be cruising in style with this lascoota kick scooter.


2 in 1 With Seat, Premium Foldable w/o seat


Blue, Cherry Red, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow

8 reviews for Lascoota kick scooter for children – adjustable top w/more-huge deck pu flashing wheels exquisite kids scooter & infant scooter 3-12 years old

  1. Ken

    I ordered three different scooters which are LaScoota, ChromeWheels and Micro. For Micro Mini Kick Scooter, it is good item but I felt a little bit over priced. For ChromeWheels, you get what you paid for it. Good price but quality wasn’t high enough. Overall LaScoota is the best price and good quality. Read more

  2. Steez Fam

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. We love action sports, so we try out a lot of scooters/skateboards/bikes. My son (2 years old) is obsessed with this one! It’s got the “cool factor” of the light up wheels, seat option, and it came with a helmet! I’m posting a video so you can see how it works out with my son riding both sitting and standing with the seat attachment removed. He’s not aware of the brake yet, so he uses the toe of his shoes. I would recommend this scooter for a 4-5 year old, or a toddler who is very tall. The handlebars are high for my 2 yr. old, but of course he doesn’t care! Read more

  3. Brandon Ferguson

    I was hesitant to order thinking that the quality might not be great because of the low price and oh boy was I wrong! The scooter came beautifully packaged and the quality of the scooter is great! The plastic is thick and durable, the frame it very sturdy and the wheels are nice and my sons enjoy the lights. My boys are hard on their toys and we play outside for hours everyday we will get many years of use out of this scooter. I purchased it for my one year old he is able to sit on the seat and touch the ground on the lowest setting and it has no problem supporting my weight when riding it without the seat on. Great product I highly recommend it. Read more

  4. Yuka Komori

    I live in Japan but it came about 2 weeks before the original arrival date and my son was sooo excited!! As he was checking the post everyday! The quality is excellent! It turns smoothly, the wheels are so pretty as it shines front and back. It is easy to ride as it the board is quite big. The helmet is very cute like one’s for skateboarders and my son loves everything about it. He’s been inseparable since. He gets so many compliments and he likes his scooter even better! He is 4 but a bit tall for the seat and because his friends don’t have seats he hasn’t used it!. I highly recommend!! Read more

  5. Curlielox

    My grandsons turned 6 and they live these LaScootas. The wheels ride very smooth and the lights are easy to see indoors. I would love to see them ride in the dark!! Though that might not be the safest time! 😜. I’m scepticle of their construction. There is a lot of plastic! We will know soon if they hold up. One of our boys is very inquisitively destructive if you know what I mean. Read more

  6. skai

    I bought this scooter for my niece 2nd birthday. The product arrived on time but when my brother in-law assembled it, one of the wheels was defective and the light doesn’t turn on. Returning it was not an option for me because my niece loved it and she wouldn’t let it go. I reached out to the seller and told her the situation. We had a couple of emails back and forth and she was very helpful. She actually sent a replacement for the defective wheel and right now my niece has a scooter with good wheels and all lights turning on. The product itself is very good especially with the addition of the removable chair. It was very sturdy and my niece drives it sitting down. Per my brother in-law the assembly was not a problem. On top of that the scooter came with a helmet. It was not a very high quality helmet but hey, my niece get to drive the scooter inside the house and in the backyard with the helmet. I’m giving them 5 star for the product itself and the customer service that I receive all through the process. Read more

  7. BLR

    We bought this for our 18-month old son and so far are really happy with this purchase! He is on the young end for the scooter but having the seat makes him able to use it despite his young age. He loves it! The build feels very good quality and it is easy to push with my son riding on the seat. The colourful lights in the wheels are a huge hit with the kids! I also like that this is a product that can grow with him. I think we’ll have many years of fun with this scooter! Read more

  8. christine semenow

    I bought these for my granddaughters (ages 3 and 5)…when I got to their party, much to my dismay, they had already gotten scooters! When the girls went outside my 5-old kept falling off the flimsy two-wheeler…then my son opened up the LaScoota, and he could instantly tell the difference in quality and construction. Sturdy wheels, nice cushion grip and stable platform. He put it together within a few minutes and my grandaughter was off the races! Very cute and well made–she loves it! Read more

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