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  • ensure this suits by coming into your version range.
  • easy riding: of all of the ride on toys on the market these days…why ezyroller? On this sit down down scooter your baby might be easy sailing throughout playgrounds and sidewalks. The ezyroller journey on traditional offers hours of fun for all of us. It doesn’t rely if you are 4 or 14…this final riding gadget is assured to be a blast.
  • journey in consolation: not best will you be driving in fashion, you may be riding in comfort. Just sit lower back and revel in the journey. The ezyroller trip on conventional has a relaxed seat putting off stress and strain out of your back.
  • no pedals: that’s proper. No pedaling in this loopy cart. This ezy rider isn’t like your common riding toys. The ezyroller experience on traditional has a foot bar allowing your child to get this racing system transferring with clean alternating leg movement at the foot bar.
  • extendable foot bar: similar to you could boost the seat or take away the education wheel on a bicycle, the ezyroller experience on classic comes with 2 steel extensions to develop together with your toddler. Whether the rider is a tyke or teenager, the ezyroller driving toys will remaining over the years.
  • dimensions: ezyroller ride on conventional’s metallic body is 26”-42” in period, 17” extensive, 14” height, & weighs 12. 8 lbs. This using system can be light weight however its low center of gravity makes it clean to move & is secure for riders a while 4+ and underneath 150 lbs.
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there’s nothing else quite find it irresistible!

the ezyroller is a cleverly designed toy that’s crazily easy to journey. Like a fish through water or a snake on land, ezyroller mimics an instinctive reptilian motion. In seconds you’re away–sweeping and swerving, carving gracefully up and down the asphalt. It’s a using experience like no different.

the center bar extends to perfectly match your kid’s leg period. Extensions are protected inside the container to grow with the rider.

an clean get right of entry to aspect brake makes for quick stops and rad drifting movement.

pump your ft back and forth at the ft bars to rocket your self ahead. You may be addicted to the movement!


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8 reviews for Ezyroller conventional experience on – blue

  1. K. Mac

    I have purchased 6 of these for the following ages and heights and ailments (everyone is pictured but me): 1. 72 y.o. 6′ with so-so knees and hips 2. 68 y.o. 5′ with very bad back (L4/L5 gets shots quarterly) 3. 44 y.o. 5′ 4″ 4. 40 y.o. 5’2″ chronic pain in my right shoulder and hands, I wear a sling when riding 5. 8 y.o. shortie 6. 5 y.o. ” ” We all ride every other day and normally I do YAY and NAY columns but if the above doesn’t tell you how much I am behind these things then nothing will. However, the one very annoying NAY I have is all the stopping I have to do to tell people where to get these things (and for FREE)! Read more

  2. R Ken Wolfe

    If I would have written this review after the kids opened them a Christmas and tried them out it probably would have been one star, no fun! They gave up on them so quickly and they have been just hanging in our garage for months. With this quarantine we pulled them out about a 2 weeks ago and the kids have been riding them non stop. I love that our kids, ages 4-9yrs with varying abilities can all ride them. Our 9 year old especially, who is fearful of her bike has probably logged 2-3hrs a day on hers, and my son is not far behind. We even set up a track inside our garage for cold & rainy days. Since they are so low to the ground, they can maneuver in tighter spaces; we couldn’t do this with bikes. Well made, super easy to assemble, very clever & simple design (easy conversion adding 1 bar to make it suitable for taller kids), these deserve 5 stars. My only suggestion is that you buy a flag to attach to them so they are visible to cars. They are so low to the ground, someone backing up, or not paying attention may not see them. Read more

  3. Max

    Love this! This is my second one. I will purchase one for each grandchild. They are very durable and quiet. They are low to the ground so there is no fear of falling. They have easy to add adaptable bars to add length as a child grows. I bought my first one for a three year old granddaughter that is now eight. When she comes over it isn’t long before I see her zipping out of the room that it’s stored in. Gives the kids some fun activity for rain and snow days. They zip around the kitchen island and around the dining table. It gets the kids to engage with each other. They store easily upright and the kids can easily get them out. Read more

  4. Jeremy Thompson

    My kids love this thing. They ride it non stop. It has 2 extension bars that really allow any size kid to ride. Everything about it is wonderful except the wheels. The rubber they use is absolute garbage. A neighbor rode it for about 2 minutes and did a few break slides and ruined the wheels. A single brake slide ground a flat spot about an inch deep. I now have to buy a wheel set after an hour of use. This is a great toy that is definitely worth buying, I just wish they’d use a more durable rubber on the wheels. Read more

  5. Crystal grant ham

    Only downfall is the brake is to close to the back wheel and my son was on it less than 5 minutes on Christmas morning and his finger got caught behind the back wheel as he was reaching for the brake. He ended up losing his pinky fingernail and it was black and blue for a while, I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as one review I had read about a little boy who had to have his finger amputated because of this same reason. My son enjoys riding now, we told him to keep his hand on the brake while riding just pull up when he needs to use it! Read more

  6. S. Parker

    I wish it were possible to give this thing more than 5 stars!!! This was my 5 year old’s big gift for Christmas and she has not gotten off of it since the day. She gets around the house on it, sits and watches tv on it, brings it everywhere with her, etc!! It is, by far, her favorite toy she has ever gotten. She is a tiny 5 year old and gets around great on it. It also comes with extensions and has a max. weight of 150 lbs so I can even ride it comfortably and now I am thinking about getting some for the whole family! We could have real, live mario kart races!! I was very concerned about safety and I love that this is low to the ground and the hand break is super easy even for little ones. I read some reviews a while back saying to beware because their kids got their fingers hurt in the wide holes in the wheels and I saw that the company responded super quickly and changed the shape of the wheels so the holes are way too small for even the smallest fingers. Overall, I recommend this thing to anyone with kids of any ages!! Read more

  7. Gracegast

    i wish this add had more info about dimensions and max load . i order this based on my criteria and praying to get the right size because the page does not have a full description.. THANKFULLY this item works perfect for my needs, we got 2, one for a 6 years old and one for a 7 years old, both arrived sooner than expected INSIDE 2 plain BOXES (too much for me, but it seems to be on purpose to avoid kids to ruin the surprise).. it comes with 2 extensions to allow use for little kids until 14 years old or more, as they claim…HOWEVER, IT ALSO SAYS THAT ONLY CAN LOAD A MAX WEIGHT OF 70 POUNDS……IF YOU ARE A ADVENTUROUS ADULT and want to try (which i also recommend!) either way, you have to be very skinny or look for adult size clearly marked in the add… Read more

  8. ghazle01

    Highly recommend this; kids really have a lot of fun on these and spend a lot of time riding them. One of our neighbors told us they were getting some of these for their boys so we thought we would do the same. A bit of background, my 9YO is on the autism spectrum and things like riding bikes is hard for him due to balance / coordination issues. We thought this would be a great way for him to play along with the neighborhood kids so we bought this as a Santa present for Christmas. He was hesitant at first but once he figured it out, he took right to it. Our neighbors have always included him with their play but this allows him to be right in the mix of all the scooting around; the whole bunch of them have a lot of fun with these. In fact, our 5YO was so jealous of the other kids having them, he spent his savings on one for him self. Read more

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